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Why Use BGI to Help Fill Your Staffing Needs?

Does your company have an open position you’re trying to fill? While the use of an outside professional recruiting firm to help in the task may seem expensive, the cost of failing to fill an open position in a timely, efficient, and effective manner can often times be higher. When you add up advertising, human capital, time and processing costs, your net investment can be greatly reduced by making a commitment to using a top-notch recruiting firm like The Barton Group Inc. (BGI).

If you can attract the caliber of people you want on your own, by all means — do it. You should look to a recruiting firm, however, when you need key talent that you have not been able to locate and attract. BGI’s recruiters are especially adept at hiring for a specific need and maintaining confidentiality. They can, for instance, assist you in infusing “new blood” into your corporate environment to broaden your organizational balance and changing corporate culture.

Considerations When Determining Your Need for a Recruiter;

Employee Satisfaction; A prolonged vacancy in your organization may mean that current employees are taking on additional work. Over a period of time, this can lower employee satisfaction, generate frustration and increase stress. The net result will be a higher employee turnover rate and lower productivity.

Financial Considerations; Vacancies in one area cascade through the organization due to departmental interdependence throughout the corporate infrastructure. The result is lower output, which can directly impact your organization’s bottom line.

A recruiter can help you fill positions in a timely manner to avoid these pitfalls.

What You Should Expect When Using a Recruiter;

The Candidate; When using BGI’s recruiters, you should expect a higher caliber candidate delivered to your door. Candidates supplied by us have been pre-screened and pre-qualified for your position. At BGI, our high quality recruiters locate candidates who are not necessarily seeking new positions but are open to the right professional opportunity. This increases the likelihood of a successful placement and virtually eliminating job hoppers and low producing candidates from consideration.

Service Level; Our executive recruiters have in-depth knowledge and expertise in your industry. We will know who the key players are and have the ability and training necessary to uncover top candidates. We are able to filter out those candidates who are not appropriate for your organization.

Customized Service; BGI’s recruiters take the time to get to know your organizational culture, key needs, management styles and compatibility aspects of the hiring manager. We will introduce only the most qualified candidates who will fit in effectively with your corporate goals and philosophies. This effort eliminates sifting through hundreds of resumes of marginal candidates who are not suitable for your company.

Opportunity costs are the key in estimating the value of hiring a recruiting firm. Though not a low cost option, by utilizing the expertise and resources of an external consultant, you are ensuring that your position openings will be filled in a timely and efficient manner, saving your company money, while maintaining employee morale and productivity. Let BGI help make a difference in your company today.

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