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The Barton Foster Group has extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing Administration management placement for automotive manufacturing and technology development companies. Positions ranging from top to bottom including President, CEO, COO, Vice President of Manufacturing/Operations/Process Control/Lean Manufacturing, Plant Managers, General Managers, and Engineering Department Heads and staff included. High quality candidates for management of mission critical advanced technology development are exclusively available from the Barton Foster Group including specialists in lean learn six sigma, lean manufacturing, lean supply chain logistics, Kaizan, Kanban, Just In Time (JIT), Toyota Production System, TPS, Shingo, total quality management, spc, root cause analysis, value stream, continuous improvement, poko yoke, new lean production launches, production operations throughput and more. Our are areas of experience include the use of concepts of senpai, kohai, and sensei, or have experience with shingijitsu consulting as they apply to advanced electronics, navigation, vision, instrumentation, safety systems and hybrid/battery/fuel cell technology. We place hard to find candidates with clients demanding the highest quality staff in leading technology development areas such as onboard infotainment, instrumentation systems, audio accoustics, telemetrics and hybrid/fuel/driveline and powertrain systems.


The Barton Foster Group has successfully placed corporate CEOs, senior vice presidents, general and plant managers, and department heads in virtually every mission critical leadership position and has served all of the largest automakers in the nation. We possess national and global capabilities for placing the most highly qualified candidates with the most well suited employers anywhere. The right candidate for the right position serves our clients economically and our candidates efficiently. Our resources for making the right match are exceptionally well developed with areas of high achievement including leading edge lean production mangement of electronic, mechanical and electromechanical systems. High achieving lean implementation leaders ranging from Presidents to general, plant and department managers is a niche we have excelled in.



Our clients need to keep pace with a competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace where awareness of leading edge technology is absolutely critical. This applies to all areas of automotive management and production including everything from electronics and acoustics, onboard multimedia infotainment and advanced control and instrumentation/communication systems. We are exceptionally capable of providing leadership candidates that are acutely aware of the need to constantly monitor advances in convergence technologies that will lead to efficient operations, highly productive departments, reduced costs and enhanced customer satisfaction. Our ability to focus on the right match of talent and education that specifically matches the needs of our clients is unparalleled.




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