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  • Availability to meet on-site with hiring authorities to discuss specific position requirements and the unique chemistry of your organization.
  • Commitment to meeting the staffing needs of your organization with a professional and confidential approach.
  • Assistance in composing and designing a job offer package which results in applicant acceptance.
  • Participation in the negotiation process as desired.
  • Providing thorough yet discreet searches utilizing our own proprietary search mechanisms and our global network of affiliations.
  • Professionally conducted searches with a determined focus to find the appropriate candidates.

    BGI offers three types of search services. We specialize in Retained Searches, and in addition, we offer the following:

    Retained Search - We conduct our search on a retained basis, meaning no other recruiters are searching for candidates to fill your vacant position. This requires a retainer fee.  We offer a candidate guarantee.

    Guaranteed Performance Search - We conduct our search for “TBD” (To Be Determined) days as your exclusive recruiter; other recruiters are not allowed to search for candidates to fill your vacant position during this period.  This requires a retainer fee.  We offer a candidate guarantee.

    Contingency Search - We conduct our search and are compensated on a contingent basis when you hire our candidate to fill your vacant position.  We offer a candidate guarantee.

Advantages of BGI Search Services

In addition to concentrating on North American searches, our affiliation with Top Echelon Recruiting Network allows us to team with search firms located around the world, which affords us global recruiting capabilities with local service delivered on your site to fulfill your staffing needs.

Global Searches

With 15 years of multi-industry recruiting experience, and our company's extensive private database, we are able to offer local, regional and global search and placement.  We specialize with companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Germany, Japan, India, Great Britain, and France. The Barton Group has partners and associates internationally to help assist in your companies staffing needs on site, whatever they may be.

With the Barton Group, you will receive confidential, on-site service and our guarantee of privacy and professionalism.  Just as we want the employee you hire to have a lasting relationship with your company, we also want to build a lasting relationship with you.  That’s what The Barton Group does.  Accordingly, we dedicate ourselves not only to meeting your immediate staffing needs, but we also strive to build a relationship of trust and respect, learn about you and your organization to foresee your future staffing needs, and help assist in a positive hiring experience for you.

Client Companies

We invite you to Search Tens of thousands of candidates confidentially for free. These are high caliber candidates from some of the finest companies in the world.  With your permission, we will represent you directly to our candidates.

The Barton Group, Inc. specializes in Recruiting and Placement services.

For our Client Companies we offer a variety of testing for prospective candidates.

Psychological and profile testing services of candidates are available through The Barton Group and its affiliates and is available in all price ranges.  Please contact us about these services or go to our links.  Testing can be done on an individual or group basis.

Through these links below, we offer the following services at The Barton Group for prospective clients:


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