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The Barton Group Inc.
is an Executive Recruiting Firm whose mission is to make a difference developing people's careers, businesses, and lives.  As a professional organization we are dedicated to delivering highly qualified pre-screened professionals to your company.  We offer local, regional and global / international search and placement for executives, managers, and professional individual contributor roles.  The Barton Group recruits in the automotive, non-automotive, emerging technologies, defense, medical devices, manufacturing, and industrial environments including electronics, chemical, mechanical, technical, engineering, and business related positions.

Examples of disciplines we have placed are: electrical / mechanical engineering, manufacturing, product development, sales, marketing, embedded software design, operations, supply chain management, finance, and quality control.  We excel in human resource capital recruitment.

BGI is Client Driven.  We are strongly committed to “Total Quality” and our approach to customer service focuses on you as the Client Company.  Your needs drive our business.  Our tracking system for quality and follow-up is firmly in place, and accounts for each step of the process from developing a detailed job description to the end of the guarantee period and beyond.  We will tailor our interviews to ensure the selection of a candidate with the experience and requirements that are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our clients.  These candidates would be suited to your company’s specifications and culture. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your company by assisting you in hiring high-performing employees.

The Barton Group Inc. identifies properly motivated candidates who choose to make positive, well-considered moves toward superior opportunities.

In addition to concentrating on North American searches, our affiliation with Top Echelon Recruiting Network allows us to partner with search firms located around the world, which affords us global recruiting capabilities with local service delivered on your site to fulfill your staffing needs.

For the career seeker, we can also assist you in your career / job search by placing you at the company of your dreams.  The Barton Group Inc. does more than matching qualified and skilled candidates to the client.  We will work closely with you to determine the best opportunity for your qualifications and interests.

BGI strives to attract properly motivated candidates who choose to make positive well considered moves.  Through working with you, we intend to match you to the company, culture, and position that meet your long term career goals.

Please contact us for more information. To review a list of positions we have placed; click here.

The services of a professional recruiting firm are critical to your company or career success.  You need the kind of representation and services that only a thorough knowledge of the marketplace can provide.

We are a Preferred Member of Top Echelon Network, Inc., the largest and most prestigious placement network of independent executive and technical firms.  You can search any job or discipline accessing thousands of positions across the nation. Companies can also search candidates from all disciplines across the nation.

Thank-you for visiting our website, and please refer us to a colleague. 


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